Finding The Secret In Every Bean

Learn everything about roasting coffee here.  Start off by having a look at the ancient Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and then move on to learn everything from how we select our beans to how we roast and blend the beans.

Roasting Gourmet Coffee – They come to us green, hard, tasteless. They are shipped from places like Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, and Sumatra. Shipped in 132 pound sacks. The green beans smell like grass, hay, or the earth. Like Jack’s famous beanstalk bean, they are unassuming, dense, even boring. But then, if you add fire…

The Ancient Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony – The Coffee Ceremony, where coffee is roasted, ground and brewed is central to the Ethiopian lifestyle. Several times a day Ethiopians will gather to drink fresh roasted coffee. The process of roasting used around the world today, is based on the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

Freshness in coffee – Staleness kills all the work put into making excellent coffee. Here’s how to battle the staleness demons.