Where to Find Us


Longo’s Ajax

1 Rossland Road East Retail Bags


Longo’s Ancaster

1191 Wilson Street West  Retail Bags

ECS Coffee 

1172 Wilson Street West Retail Bags


Goodness Me 

79 Park Place Blvd  Retail Bags

Lazy Tulip 

37 Mulcaster Street Brewing


Garden Foods

501 Queen Street South Retail Bags


Longo’s Brampton

770 Hurontario Street Retail Bags

Longo’s Mount Pleasant

65 Dufay Road Retail Bags

Sheridan College

Student Centre – 7899 McLaughlin Road Brewing


Goodness Me 

605 West Street Retail Bags


Longo’s Fairview

1225 Fairview Street South Retail Bags

Longo’s Walkers Line 

2900 Walkers Line  Retail Bags

Marilu’s Market 

4025 New Street  Retail Bags

ECS Coffee 

3100 Harvester Road, Unit 6 Retail Bags

Goodness Me Fairview 

2300 Fairview Street Retail Bags

Metro Burlington

2010 Appleby Line  Retail Bags


Howard The Butcher 

15980 Airport Road, Unit 4 Bulk Retail Bags

Heatherlea Farm Shoppe

17049 Winston Churchill Blvd. Retail Bags


Goodness Me 

525 Hespler Road Retail Bags


Foodland Elmira

315 Arthur Street Retail Bags



105 Queen St. West, Unit 3 Retail Bags

Thatcher Farms

5727 5th Line Retail Bags


Planet Bean Grange

259 Grange Road, Unit 2  Retail Bags and Brewing

Planet Bean Wyndham

2 Wyndham Street North Retail Bags and Brewing

Planet Bean Hilltop

369 Gordon Street Retail Bags and Brewing

Planet Bean Science Complex

488 Gordon Street – University of Guelph Brewing

Market Fresh

10 Paisley Street Retail Bags

Goodness Me 

36 Wellington Street West Retail Bags

Metro Guelph

500 Edinburgh Road South Retail Bags

Valeriote’s Market 

204 Yorkshire Road Retail Bags

The Fair Trader

Guelph Farmers Market – Saturday Morning Retail Bags

Stone Store 

14 Commercial Street Retail Bags

Longo’s Guelph

24 Clair Road Retail Bags

Mosborough Country Market

5284 Wellington Road #32 Retail Bags

The Daily Grind 519 

Home Delivery Service Retail Bags

Puffle Cafe 

219 Silvercreek North, Unit 7 Brewing

Borealis Guelph

1388 Gordon Street Brewing

Einstein’s Cafe

2 Grant Street Brewing

Park Eatery

294 Woolwich Street Brewing

Mijiidaa Cafe and Bistro

37 Quebec Street Brewing

The Wooly Pub

176 Woolwich Street Brewing

The Bullring

University of Guelph Campus Brewing



1161 Barton Street East Retail Bags


967 Fennell Ave. East Retail Bags


1900 King Street East Retail Bags

Metro Dundas Valley

15 Governor’s Road Retail Bags

House Of Java

106 James Street  Retail Bags and Brewing

Goodness Me 

176 Locke Street Retail Bags

Goodness Me 

1000 Upper Gage Retail Bags


Cafe At The Old Post

39 Elora Street Brewing

Foodland Harriston

9 Elora Street Retail Bags


Central Fresh Foods

760 King Street West Retail Bags


150 Caroline Street South Bulk Retail Bags

Goodness Me 

668 Erb Street West Retail Bags

Borealis Kitchener

Gold Roast Coffee Services

4336 King Street East – Unit G1

550 Parkside Drive – Unit A 18


Retail and Bulk Bags

Princess Cafe

46 King Street North Brewing 

Graduate House – University of Waterloo

200 University Ave West – South Campus Hall Brewing

Ev3rgreen Cafe – University of Waterloo

200 University Ave West – Building EC3 Brewing

Funcken Cafe – St. Jerome’s University 

280 Westmount Road North Brewing

Byte 75 – Wilfrid Laurier University 

75 University Avenue West – School of Business Brewing

Frank’s Coffee Haus – Wilfrid Laurier University

75 University Avenue West – MacDonald House Brewing

The Bakery

100 Regina Street South Retail Bags and Brewing

Le Prix

3-181 Park Street Retail Bags


London Food Co-op

621 Princess Ave Bulk Retail Bags

The Spoke – University of Western Ontario

1151 Richmond Street, UCC Building, Room 105 Brewing

Goodness Me

1735 Richmond Street Retail Bags


Longo’s Boxgrove

98 Cooper Creek Drive Retail Bags

Longo’s Woodbine

3085 Highway 7 Retail Bags


Longo’s Milton

1079 Maple Ave. Retail Bags

Metro Milton

1050 Kennedy Circle Retail Bags


Longo’s Glen Erin

5636 Glen Erin Drive Retail Bags

Longo’s Winston Churchill

3163 Winston Churchill Blvd Retail Bags

Longo’s Pony Trail

1891 Rathburn Drive Retail Bags

Longo’s Applewood

1125 North Service Road Retail Bags

Sheridan College – Mississauga

4180 Duke of York Blvd Brewing

Mount Forest

Meat The Butcher

157 Main Street Retail Bags

New Hamburg

MeMe’s Cafe

102 Peel Street Retail Bags and Brewing


Longo’s Green Lane

18319 Yonge Street East Retail Bags

Longo’s Aurora

650 Wellington Street East Retail Bags

Nature’s Emporium 

16655 Yonge Street  Bulk Retail Bags

North Bay

North Star Diner

348 Algonquin Ave. Brewing


Longo’s Burloak

3455 Wyncroft Road Retail Bags

Longo’s Oakville

338 Dundas Street East Retail Bags

Longo’s Southeast Oakville

469 Cornwell Road Retail Bags

Sheridan College – Oakville

1430 Trafalgar Road – Student Centre  Brewing


Sproule’s Emporium

153 Broadway Avenue  Retail Bags

Owen Sound

Boon Bakery

813 2nd Ave East Brewing

Port Elgin

Rabbit Dash 

688 Goderich Street Retail Bags and Brewing

Cook’s Cupboard

183 Goderich Street Retail Bags

Richmond Hill

Longo’s Richmond Hill

10870 Yonge Street Retail Bags



209 Alma Street Retail Bags


Coffee Lodge Petrolia

4119 Petrolia Line Bulk Retail and Brewing

Coffee Lodge Lambton Mall

Lambton Mall – 1380 London Road Brewing

Coffee Lodge Finch 

49 Finch Drive Bulk Retail and Brewing

Coffee Lodge Exmouth

400 Exmouth Street Bulk Retail and Brewing

Simcoe County

Serafina Good Food

14 Norfolk Street Brewing

Saint Catherines/Niagara

Harvest Barn

1179 4th Ave Retail Bags


6161 Thorold Stone Road Retail Bags


101 Lakeshore Road Retail Bags


Cook’s Cupboard

169 High Street  Retail Bags


Longo’s Stouffville

5773 Main Street Retail Bags

Toronto/Surrounding Area

Big Carrot (Danforth)

348 Danforth Ave. Bulk Retail Bags

Big Carrot (Beaches)

125 Southwood Drive Bulk Retail Bags

Longo’s Maple Leaf Square

15 York Street Retail Bags

Fiesta Farms

200 Christie Street Retail Bags

Longo’s Bayview 

7355 Bayview  Retail Bags

Longo’s Leaside

93 Laird Drive Retail Bags

Longo’s York Mills

808 York Mills Drive Retail Bags

Longo’s Liberty Village

1100 King Street West Retail Bags

Longo’s Yonge and Sheppard

4841 Yonge Street Retail Bags

Longo’s Bathurst

9306 Bathurst Street Retail Bags

Longo’s Rutherford

5283 Rutherford Road Retail Bags

Longo’s Weston

9200 Weston Road Retail Bags

Longo’s Maple

2810 Major Mackenzie Retail Bags

Grocery Gateway – Home Delivery by Longo’s

Online Retail Bags

Sunvalley Foods

468 Danforth Road Retail Bags

University of Toronto – Scarborough


Oakham Cafe – TMU Campus

55 Gould Street – Student Centre Brewing


Goodness Me

74 Hamilton Street Retail Bags